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Embedded Electronics, Sensors, and IoT

We have grown increasingly more dependent on digital devices such as mobile phones and smart devices, and so too does our reliance for embedded electronics.  As a vital part of modern technology, embedded electronics and connected devices are only going to become more important as engineering advances.  For example, from aviation systems, including those used in drones, are able to integrate sensor data for rapid decision-making faster than humans.  The growth of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, like wearables, drones, smart homes and buildings, 3D printing, and even video surveillance and security, are expected to further drive embedded system growth.

As a result of all this new interconnection of these devices, many companies face tremendous opportunity to leverage automation to enable advanced applications to enhance customer engagement, achieve technical optimization in products, and streamline processes for improved productivity.  At JM Search, our heritage in traditional manufacturing combined with our growing technology focus uniquely positions our practice to identify key executive-level talent with deep skillsets and experience to navigate through this evolving space and lead the change needed to keep up with the fast pace of growing trends.  We work closely with our partners in our Technology and IT Executive practices to ensure our clients are exposed to the best candidates with the combined hardware and software backgrounds to lead the change needed in the embedded systems space.