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Go-To-Market & Commercial Executives

Proven Go-To-Market & Commercial Recruiting Experts

A successful go-to-market (GTM) leader requires much more than experience positioning, selling, and marketing products/services to specific channels and end markets.

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, to profitably grow revenue, leaders must be able to:

  • Craft winning go-to-market strategies
  • Drive profitable revenue streams
  • Develop and strengthen brand equity
  • Assess market landscape and lever trends
  • Segment and position to target markets
  • Develop compelling value propositions
  • Structure, build, and lead rapidly evolving organizations
  • Tightly align around the customer lifecycle
  • Deploy both reflective and predictive KPIs
  • … among other critical capabilities

At JM Search, we bring to every search keen insight into all functional areas and a deep understanding of key levers to pull in designing and executing a successful go-to-market strategy.

We have a proven track record in recruiting top-flight GTM, commercial, revenue, and marketing  leaders who drive the growth value creation process. Our team consists of former Chief Revenue Officers (CRO), Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Heads of Product, and other senior operating leaders, as well as dedicated commercial search practitioners who know the challenges related to the positions we are retained to fill.

Our Search Process for Identifying CEOs and Boards

At the foundation of our search process are relationships, trust, and a commitment to excellence. Unlike many other executive search firms, we remain committed to a partner-led approach, ensuring that our most experienced recruiters are actively leading and recruiting to ensure superior results for clients. Clients also benefit from our:

  • Industry specialization and functional expertise
  • Access to the best talent with very few “off limits” restrictions
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as an essential criterion in our mission to recruit for our clients and for our firm
  • Complete client focus by limiting the number of searches conducted at a time by the lead recruiter
  • Exhaustive kick-off process to understand the unique needs of each client

Executive Positions Recruited:

CRO | CMO | Chief Customer Officer | Chief Growth Officer | Chief Innovation Officer | Chief Creative Officer | Commercial Operating Partner | Chief Product Officer | Head of Product Strategy | SVP/VP Product Marketing | SVP/VP Sales | SVP/VP Marketing | VP Digital | VP Customer Success

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