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COVID-19 is Changing Healthcare Technology Expectations

The Covid-19 pandemic is paving the way for a technology revolution across the healthcare industry. By exposing how much the healthcare industry has relied on in-person visits, the pandemic heightened the need for industry leadership to reevaluate the urgency by which technology driven solutions are adopted. From care delivery to patient monitoring and clinical trials… Read More

JM Search Continues to Build its Healthcare Technology Center of Excellence

Chuck Egoville and Andrew Henry add to the Center of Excellence. Industry veteran Mike Forgash joins the firm. King of Prussia, Pennsylvania – September 10, 2020 – JM Search, a premier retained executive search firm, has added to its dedicated Healthcare Technology Center of Excellence with the hiring of industry veteran, Mike Forgash. Through the… Read More

Healthcare CEO’s Responding to the Rise of Consumerism

The technology revolution in healthcare is well underway. The increasing accessibility of information is promoting a more active, engaged and informed consumer. Mobile applications, 24/7 news outlets and healthcare data streams have enabled consumers to become increasingly involved in the healthcare decision making process. As a result, Healthcare CEOs are rapidly adapting their organizations to… Read More

Information Technology’s Growing Impact on Your Medicine Cabinet

Information technology (software, hardware, data science) is playing an increasingly vital role in delivering cutting edge therapeutics to medicine cabinets around the world. For CEOs leading businesses within the drug discovery ecosystem, harnessing the power of technology has never been more vital in the quest to create value for their customers, employees and shareholders. The… Read More

CEO’s Leveraging Innovation Through Outsourced Services

Today’s healthcare CEOs face a trifecta of leadership challenges. Between leading through unprecedented changes, fortifying organizational foundations amidst great uncertainty and strategically reallocating resources necessary to meet marketplace demands and business initiatives, the ability of CEOs to overcome challenges is vital to stay competitive and foster growth.  To keep pace with the changing environment, particularly… Read More

Growing Demand for Contract Pharmaceutical Organizations

Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) have played an increasing role in getting new pharmaceutical products to market over the past decade. The expanding CDMO industry has leveraged its adaptable nature to tackle increasingly complex regulatory requirements and accelerated development speeds, while maximizing financial return. CDMOs are positioned for exponential growth.  As big pharma focuses… Read More

Reopening Challenges Facing Provider CEOs

As healthcare providers across the country prepare to reopen, it will not be business as usual. Just a few months ago, providers, state and federal governments and investors raced to develop care strategies to meet the needs of a growing crisis. As stay-at-home orders expanded throughout the country, temporary closures of medical practices and care… Read More

CEO’s Recasting Talent to Fit Revised Value Creation Plans

Value creation plans have migrated to version 2.0 following intensive re-evaluation resulting from the pandemic. Pivotal business inputs – such as reimbursement models, employee & customer safety, state-by-state regulatory requirements, M&A pipelines, digital capabilities, global supply chain partners, distribution networks and so much more – have shifted dynamically, forcing CEO’s and Boards to rapidly reinvent… Read More

Impact of Technology Innovations on Healthcare Delivery

Technological innovations have continuously revolutionized the healthcare industry. From improvements in efficiency to increased care coordination and novel care delivery methods, technology has led to widespread advancements in healthcare. The pandemic has further heightened the demand on technology by payers, providers, and consumers. Providers have specifically experienced a surge in the reliance on technology during… Read More

Social Determinants of Health Entering the Spotlight

The emergence of Social Determinants of Health businesses across the US, which preceded COVID-19, has continued to accelerate throughout the global crisis. The pandemic has demanded a heavy focus on population health. The result of this demand is a potential increase in the validation and adoption of Social Determinants of Health delivery models across the… Read More

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