December 9, 2021

C-Suite Interview Series: Learnings from David Lannon, Tumalo Holdings CEO.

JM Search recently placed David Lannon as CEO with the Growcore Investments portfolio company, Tumalo Holdings. Tumalo is a roll up of Oregon dispensaries, cultivation, indoor and outdoor grow facilities, and manufacturing. Prior to Tumalo, David was EVP of Operations at Whole Foods Market, where he spent 29 years.†We had the opportunity to speak to David about what it was like moving from a large company like Whole Foods to a small startup in a new and emerging market.

In the interview, David shared insights on:

  • Moving into a new and emerging market
  • Changes in his work style/mindset going from a large company to a small startup in growth phase
  • His strategy for hiring the right team
  • What excites him the most about the future of the cannabis industry
  • Key learnings that he took from his experience at Whole Foods to Tumalo

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