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Credit Union Executive Search

Industry-Leading Credit Union Executive Recruiters 

As a top executive recruiting firm, our team possesses the experience, industry expertise, and executive networks to help credit unions recruit transformational executives. Propelled by technology advancements and a focus on community-based member experience, credit unions are growing at double the rate of traditional banks. At JM Search, we understand this increasingly competitive landscape and have a proven track record of partnering with credit unions and regional financial institutions to identify and recruit leading credit union executives.

Deep-Rooted Credit Union Executive Expertise 

Accountability and responsibility to member/owners distinguish credit unions from their competitors, necessitating unique leadership to fit the environment. Yet credit unions face the same market forces and global financial trends as institutional banks, requiring their executives to possess a similar level of expertise and specialization to effectively compete. With decades of credit union market expertise, JM Search tailors every search to the unique needs of the client to ensure executive searches are completed quickly with a diverse, qualified field of candidates focused on organizational performance, leadership, and value.

Our Search Process for Credit Union Executives

At the foundation of our search process are relationships, trust, and a commitment to excellence. Unlike many other executive search providers, we remain committed to a partner-led approach, ensuring that our most experienced recruiters are actively leading and recruiting to ensure superior results for clients. Clients also benefit from our:

  • Industry specialization and functional expertise 
  • Access to the best talent with very few “off limits” restrictions
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as an essential criterion in our mission to recruit for our clients and for our firm
  • Complete client focus by limiting the number of searches conducted at a time by the lead recruiter
  • Exhaustive kick-off process to understand the unique needs of each client
  • Transparent and frequent communications
  • Rigorous assessment and due diligence early in the process

Executive Positions Recruited:

CEO, Board & President | CFO | COO & Operations | CIO, CTO & Technology | CHRO, HR, Talent & Diversity | Chief Revenue Officer & Go-to-Market | CMO, Marketing & Sales | Chief Product Officer | Legal, Compliance & Risk | ESG Officer

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