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For over four decades, we’ve worked alongside public companies to identify and recruit transformational executives and help C-suite executives with building out their leadership and supporting teams. More than ever, we understand that public companies need leaders with a very specific blend of skills and can no longer assume that leaders with traditional managerial pedigrees will succeed. Today, companies need to hire innovative executives with strong social skills who can motivate diverse, technologically savvy, and global workforces.

Unlike other large, global executive search firms, our partners are immersed in your search every step of the way, supported by a passionate, cohesive team of recruiting experts to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients and their organizations. We understand what you’re looking for, what you seek to accomplish, and how hiring the right leaders impacts every stakeholder and employee in your business. We get it because we’ve done it. We have spent years identifying, assessing, and recruiting high-performing company builders and innovators and understand how to grow and transform a business without sacrificing culture.

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With deep functional and sector-specific expertise, our partners have built expansive professional networks from decades of firsthand experience.

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