Annika Farin

Global Chair

Prior to joining Amrop, Annika founded her own executive search and development firm, with a focus on global companies going through significant leadership transformations. Prior to that she was a Managing Director at Amrop from January 2007 to October 2010, where she co-headed the global Leadership Development and Assessment Practice (2008-2010).

Annika has worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company for seven years. As an Engagement Manager she focused on Change Management, HR Excellence Projects, Company Culture as well as Growth and Organization, working across industries. Thereafter she held two executive positions: first as a Senior Vice President at Infineon AG, heading “People and Organization” and at Tchibo AG as Head of Corporate Human Resources.

Annika has 15 years’ experience in the Executive Search and Development world – and has conducted very senior work in both areas, among them post-Merger–Integration, senior executive review processes and the establishment of talent management in client organisations.

In her work she believes in bespoke, thorough solutions with a ‘make happen attitude’.

Annika studied Business Administration at the European School of Management (EAP), Paris, Oxford, Berlin. She holds a degree as Diplom-Kauffrau/ Diplome Grande Ecole and has undertaken post-graduate studies in Psychology at the London School of Economics.